The Made in Morocco Label sustains & promotes Moroccan manufacturing in the Kingdom of Morocco and abroad.

Why the need for the Made in Morocco Label?

In January 2014, Corporate Development Gust ® commissioned an independent market research among 1.000 Moroccan and foreigner adults. The research has shown that foreigners as well as Moroccan consumers want to buy Moroccan products but are confused about their origin. The results showed that 65% of those surveyed admitted confusion about which brands could still claim to be made in Morocco, with international moves towards far eastern production all contributing to an increasingly mystified landscape. 80% of those polled thought Moroccan brands should bring manufacturing back to Morocco while around three quarters of those questioned 71% wanted an official tag of approval to show products made in Morocco. More than half 53% of those questioned stated they would buy Moroccan if it was easier to identify authentic made in Morocco products.

A separate opinion poll by which in July 2014 asked “Would a Made in Morocco Label help you buy Moroccan?” and 95% said ‘Yes it would’.

History of the campaign

The research that was carried out in January 2014 showing that the Moroccan and the foreign public was confused about what products were made in Morocco, brought the idea to Corporate Development Gust ®, for a Label to identify products made in Morocco. By september 2014, Sales Force Morocco has chosen the Label design that was unveiled in October 2014 and a membership scheme was established for users of the logo. Starting from November 2014, companies making products in Morocco were invited to apply to use the label.

Mission Statement and Objectives

To be the definitive Made in Morocco campaign, endorsed by government, supported by manufacturers and recognized by consumers, in the Kingdom of Morocco and overseas.

Aim and Objectives for 2015

  • To sign up 1,000+ Moroccan manufacturers to use our award-winning Label
  • To raise our profile and gain Government endorsement
  • To understand and respond to the needs of our members and support their sales efforts
  • To promote the campaign in the media and showcase our members

Who’s behind the initiative?

The Made in Morocco Label is managed by a committee made up of MDs and CEOs of Moroccan manufacturing companies as well as other supporters of Moroccan manufacturing. Together they have formed a non-profit association called APMM “Association Professionnelle des Marques Marocaines” APMM.MA