Why use the Label?

More and more customers are keen to buy goods they know for certain are made in Morocco to support the design, skills and craftsmanship which still exist here. Using the Made in Morocco Label brings attention to your Moroccan made goods for customers in the Kingdom of Morocco and worldwide.

Who uses the Label?

The Made in Morocco Label is accredited to businesses which sell goods that have been manufactured or have undergone a final major change in Morocco before sale.

How to use the Label?

Consistent use of the Label is important for consumer recognition, but it’s also important for brands to take ownership of the Label and celebrate their own ‘Moroccaness’ whilst using it. We have deliberately allowed for flexible use of the Label so it can also be used as a pointer or highlighter.

In addition, it can be used in greyscale, as well as in other colour palettes which allows the logo to integrate more easily with your brand.

When you sign up as a member of the Made in Morocco Label, you will receive comprehensive guidelines to the logo formats.

Where can the Label be used?

The Label can be used on any printed material, eg brochure and catalogues and point of sale merchandising. It can also be used on your website and in a digital environment.

Any of the formats can also be applied to a variety of materials; stamped, etched, branded, sewn, embossed. As with printed materials, it is vital that the Moroccan flag’s star is the most prominent part of the logo, so always ensure this is replicated through any technique used. For example, if branding the logo into wood, create a darker brand for the star.

Member accreditation

All companies that apply to use the Made in Morocco Label may be asked to submit written evidence that they manufacture their products in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The Made in Morocco campaign adheres to advice on country of origin labeling where the majority of production/manufacturing processes have taken place in the Kingdom of Morocco. Country of origin is therefore the country in which a product last underwent a treatment or process resulting in a substantial change.

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